Better manage your money and access premium financial services!

With Kola Wallet, our personal finance manager that helps transact, manage, pay and invest.
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Quick access to

Thanks to Kola proprietary credit scoring model, access microloans directly from your mobile phone.
No collateral
Disbursement within 24h
Affordable interest rate
Flexible payment options
Payment onto mobile money account
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Gain autonomy with our virtual cards feature

Get your virtual MasterCard in less than 5 minutes and make your online payment experience more enjoyable.
Access your card directly from your phone
Spend safely and freeze card on demand
Fund your card from your mobile money account
Minimal cost with no hidden fees
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Invest in local

Support local projects by investing with Kola
Start from XAF 1,000
Guaranteed return
Fixed term agreement
Convenient and transparent
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Streamlined mobile
money transactions

Money transfer
Send money securely to your friends and family in two short clicks.
Merchant payment
Pay for your shopping without typing long codes.
Mobile bill payment
Pay your bills from our user friendly mobile application
Bank to wallet
Easily transfer money from your mobile money account to your bank account and vice versa.
For business
Multi-interface SME management tool that facilitates and financially supports the growth of our customers
Kola for business