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Join Kola Academy to follow an intensive pre-employment training in technology and ensure your successful entry into the professional world!

Our training courses

About the courses

Training duration

6 months

(Indicative and adjustable durations according to the needs of the people.)



On-site in Kotto, Douala


300 000 xaf*

(The price of the training is given as an indication; adjustments are possible depending on the case)

How to start?

Candidates pre-selection
Qualification tests
Offers to qualified candidates
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Our vision

Contribute to providing companies with a qualified and immediately operational staff. Give the opportunity to young people who finish their academic degree a way to express and professionalize their talent.

Our Goal

Our main target is to enable you to acquire the complete know-how to be directly employable in various development and IT programming professions.

Our advantages

Benefit from professional training with:

Job Opportunity

Benefit from professional training with job opportunities

Real project

Benefit from professional training

Professional team

A team of professional engineers available for quality support

Computers available

Computers available for those without. (Under certain conditions)

Air-conditioned room

An air-conditioned environment suitable for learning

Unlimited internet

Unlimited broadband internet connection

Project portfolio

Creation of a portfolio of relevant projects

Certification provided

Certificate issued at the end of each validated training

Who is concerned by our formations?

All young people of both sexes with at least a Baccalaureate plus at least 2 years of university studies in a scientific or IT discipline.

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"kola is one of the Cameroonian startups that best trains developers, data scientists and designers. I was carefully and rigorously mentored by expert developers of this startup. Today development has no secrets for me and I work on many real and innovative projects as a fullstack developer."

Fullstack developer

"usually I am very critical but this training was very relevant to my work and also to my personal experiences and for once I highly recommend to all curious and passionate about software development to follow this training"

Fullstack developer

"At the beginning it was really difficult and I even saw myself giving up, but this was not the case, first of all because Kola is like a family, integration is easy, motivations and support come from all sides which allowed me to work hard, without forgetting the expertise of the Kola team which is, for my part, above the average."

Fullstack developer

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